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His name is Vladimir. A note on tricameral mind.

What is in Putin’s mind? What he’s going to de next? What motivates him?

Everyone tries to explain Putin, trying to get into his head and justify his reasons or rationalize distorted perceptions of reality. 

Let me try a schizophrenic approach to explain Putin by not comparing but by synthesising some of his contemporaries into colonel’s personality. Coincidently the three people I’ve chosen are named Vladimir.

trying to keep it where it is

Vladimir Son

Son of a KGB agent V. Pozner is Russian-American journalist known not only to the Russian public but also to wider world audience through his recent work on CNN – commenting on the Ukrainian crisis. Pozner shows the West to the Russians and presents Russia to the West. He’s taken on a role of a teacher, master of wit, the wise interlocutor advocating for dialogue between the ever increasingly distancing West and East. Being hopelessly soviet Mr. Pozner is responsible for convincing Russians of their difference. With high ratings and primetime shows he’s not suffering from the lack of followers.

Vladimir (right) transcribing soviet though on US TV

Vladimir Spirit

Spirits have always played a critical role in Russian armed forces diet. However, with trendy professionalisation and the cult of healthy might the free spirit of military talent is in fashion. General V. Shamanov is a heroic epitome of such ruthlessness, decisiveness, cold mindedness, and might makes right approach. An all rounded individual – a war hero, a war criminal, a governor, a defence minister candidate, the commander of Russian paratroopers – General Shamanov is the guiding mechanism in a Russian rocket aimed at whatever the Father points his finger at.

General and his colleagues

Vladimir Father 

Father Cyril who became the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church was named Vladimir at birth. His brilliant organizational skills and connections in St. Petersburg and Western Europe gave him respect and a clear career path up through the ranks (in church hierarchy as well). Cyril embodies the patronage system and devotion to duty in a world where a step from the Gods way means death and there’re plenty of envies trying to push you and trip you over. Kinship, God, Brotherhood are patriarch’s virtues.


All three men are Putin. This picture doesn’t make things any clearer or explains anything. So don’t attempts of the expert community. I personally disapprove of the fact that Putin’s cortex is much different of any other human being.