Khodorkovsky. Sweden or Kronstadt?

Michael Khodorkovsky – russian ex-prisoners number 1 – said that he is ready to come to any city in Ukraine to negotiate peace talks in order to prevent what he calls a ‘civil war’

For several months after his release journalists speculated on his future occupation and role in russian politics. Where Mr Khodorkovsky will steer the ship of russia middle class opposition? Is he capable of taking on a leadership role?

The unknown of his intensions and motives reminds me of one russian naval officer.

On the 9 October 1975, Sablin Valery Mikhaolovitch – 3rd rank captain of the Soviet Navy – seized control of the large counter-submarine ship ‘Guardian’ and took it from Riga to Kronstadt … or Sweden (according to the official version)

The Soviet Navy officer (Communist Party member) wanted to draw attention of the people and general secretary Brezhnev personally to the issue of building socialism and party politics in the country. To his view the political life of the country wasn’t reflecting the original ideas of welfare and republicanism proposed by early Bolsheviks. He wanted to address the nation and the cradle of the october revolution – Kronstadt.

The officials thought Sablin was steering for Sweden and threatened to sink the ship. The captain of the ship when released (he was barricaded by Sablin deep inside the vessel) shot the mutineer in a knee. On 3 August 1976 Sablin was shot dead in Moscow.

Failed but not forgotten. Khodorkovsky is not a match for Navalny for now, however, he is certainly out there, navigating in deep waters waiting to resurface.

Here’s Sablin’s coat of armed (the hero in question doesn’t belong to the noble family but the reading is appropriate: Everything Changes Nothing Dies)


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